The IGFFEL Process

The SMILE and RELAX Process
The SMILE Process

  • S- We are smart about what we do since we have the knowledge and expertise in what we do. Thus we always first meet with the prospective student or have a video interview to understand our clients needs and goals.

  • M- We manage our clients by acting with integrity and in honesty by guiding our clients to explore program options efficiently whilst giving straight forward advice and suggesting the best programs to help reach your goals.

  • I- We then initiate your application process for admission after the student has decided on a study program. We assist the student in collecting the required documents for application purposes.

  • L- We lead you by guiding you once you have been accepted by an institution,  through visa application process and pre-departure orientation.

  • E- We continue to engage you when in school to know if you are enjoying your study abroad. This also helps us to know the feedback from our clients.

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